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Wow, Honorable Mention at NQA Columbus, Ohio


Fantastic surprise and a big congratulations to Judy Y. For an Honorable Mention ribbon at the NQA quilt show in Columbus Ohio this weekend. Judy did some fantastic appliqué and I had so much fun quilting it. Kudos also to Sharon Schamber for some of her designs in the quilting! This picture was sent to us by a great Texan now living in Ohio. Thanks Peggy!


Bee happy…Karen


Color and quilting


Yes, I know what colors I like, I know how they make me feel, but…I don’t know the WHY behind color usage. I have to admit that I have read many articles about color and its use but, alas, none have ever stuck. So, I have drawn a big red line in my studio, am in the process of eliminating areas that have become disappointments and time wasters in my life, and am heading down a new road of discovery. My first plan is to really learn the basics of color. I hope you will join me on my journey. Packing my bags now and the trip will start soon!

Meanwhile a quilt I just finished is one of the things that made me think about color. I wish the colors in this pic were more accurate. This is a bright, happy quilt with shades of yellow, purple, fushia and even some green. I rarely use variegated thread but this quilt really called for it. Keeley did a marvelous job of piecing this quilt! Here is a close up, hope you like it as much as I do.



Bee happy, Karen

Owl Tea Cozy


These are the cutest owls! You might want to visit Nikki’s blog. She has a great tutorial for making them!

Buzy Day

Well what too dooo! Here is a pattern for you to make your own owl tea cozy! I make and sell a few of them @ a local shop in town.

Fabric requirements
15” x 44” piece fabric for main and lining
15” x 44” cotton or wool batting
8” square piece of fabric for tummy
1 strip 2½” x 44” for binding
3 colours of felt for the eyes and nose

Sewing machine – oiled and in good working order, Walking foot (optional), open embroidery foot, Appliqué paper, neutral cotton thread for sewing and black for the appliqué, Iron and ironing board, big fabric and paper scissor, stitch and tear (optional), A3 piece of paper, temporary spray adhesive, pencil and general sewing supplies.

Here is the owl pattern in PDF format.
Make a pattern by tracing the pattern onto A3 piece of paper and add seam allowance…

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When The Cows Go Home!


Oh my, the cows are ready to go home and their momma is going to the farm! I guess they will have to graze at my house for a little longer. They are fantastic and look so content. Great whimsical design work by Sandy K! Good job! Can’t wait to see them embellished!



20130625-063338.jpg don’t you just love them!

Until later…Bee Happy. Karen

Quilts headed home


Trying to straighten out my picture files on this iPad, I found several quilts that I hadn’t posted. I think my favorite part of quilting a quilt is deciding on the designs. Sometimes the quilt needs super simple, often I quilt by the theme of the quilt, and sometimes I just “feel” what I want to do. Anyway, here ya go…



20130616-045059.jpg. These belong to Julie. The black and white quilt was based on a quild workshop, the batik one, still on the machine when I took these pictures, is destined to be a wedding present. The batik colors are wonderful. This quilt was a joint venture of Julie and her mom. How neat is that!




20130616-045348.jpg. This quilt is a fantastic version of Easy Street, Bonnie Hunter’s last mystery. Elaine did an incredible job and it will be terrific on her bed! Go Elaine!

These last pictures are of a really cute K. Fassett quilt made by Roberta. Had a bad thread issue on this quilt and ended up frogging the ENTIRE quilt. Wow, first and I hope last time to do that! It did turn out nicely in the end. I do love Kaffes colors!




Enough for today….bee happy!


What makes it modern?


Well, even though I’m one of those “gray haired old quilters” I am intrigued by the modern quilters movement. I have been watching and reading about modern for a couple of years now. I love the bright, clean colors and the clean quilting lines. I’m intrigued by the movement but really have trouble seeing the wide divide between “traditional quilters” and this modern movement. Our “traditional” quilt guild is so receptive to all types of quilting, traditional piecing, appliqué, art and innovative, so many techniques, the more the merrier. Our members range from age 9 to age 90. Anyway, just rambling and wondering why the quilting world, always such a friendly place, seems to be morphing into a “them and us” group.

Meanwhile I am starting to work on a modern quilt, at least one that I would define as modern, lots of negative space, more solid colors than I normally use, and it is a challenge. I love jumping out of my box and exploring this movement. Here is a pic of my beginnings… This is just a grouping of various blocks that were a study in space and shape. I intend to slice and dice them into more shapes and set them in a sea of plain white then play with textural quilting. I’ll post as this project progresses. You never know I might dip dye my hair before its all over!


Meanwhile here’s a traditional quilt I just finished, just fun! Good job Keeley!

Have fun and Bee Happy! Karen