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Quilt those Custom Quilts and…




Recently returned from a great show in Manchester, New Hampshire.  This trip was not in the plans but an opportunity presented itself and, well, when does a quilter turn down a great opportunity to smooze with other quilters.  Of course we left the spring heat of Houston and headed to a somewhat snow-covered Boston and Manchester area.

I have to admit, these next two pictures are still making me chuckle.  The first is a picture of an elevator I had to opportunity to push the buttons on.  Makes you wonder just what the BS button was really meant for.  The obvious answer was Bus Station since that’s where the elevator stopped, but sure does make you wonder.


Well now, this is in an elevator in Manchester, New Hampshire…BS ????

The second, and even more amusing thing we found was on the menu at an Italian restaurant, and NO, I didn’t try it!  Read the Cinghiale under Plates.  The waiter assured us it was incredible and very tender!


Happened to be traveling along with other friends, most from the Houston area and Linda, from Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Had a great time and learned so much I can’t wait to apply to new quilting adventures.

DSC_0140 DSC_0141










When you wander down each aisle of a quilt show it brings to the top the amount of talent that goes into making each and every quilt.  Matching points, picking colors, strong stitches, pattern flow….so many things to see.  I had to walk the quilt exhibit a couple of times (would have walked more if time was there), in order to begin to see the beauty!  Here’s some more from Tri-County.

IMG_1017 IMG_1018 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 IMG_1021 IMG_1022IMG_1025 IMG_1026


Happy Quilting…Karen

Exciting Quilt Show

Exciting Quilt Show


The Tri-County guild, located in Cypress, Tx. had a fantastic show a few days ago.  I hope some of you made it, but just in case, here are a few pictures of their quilts.  They hung approximately 265 quilts and had walls and halls full of great vendors!  Sorry I didn’t take pics of the signs telling whose quilt it was and its story…I’ll try to do better next time.  Meanwhile the next few posts will be honoring their quilts and quilters.  Enjoy!


Happy Quilting…Karen

Label Your Quilts

Label Your Quilts

“I know that putting a label on my quilts is super important but I am so bad about doing that.  Really your quilt isn’t complete without a label. Name of quilt, date and made by are the most important thing for a label. However, adding more information like pattern name, technique used, even information about fabric and embellishments.  I have so many quilts without labels that I am adding that to my UFO list for 2016.  Join me!

There are so many ways to make labels.  I often embroider mine, most simple is to write with a permanent marker, but my favorite way is to use my light box and trace using permanent gel pens.  Of course, all of you artists can simply draw your own label.  Several years ago I found a dealer at the Houston Festival that was selling books of great traceable pictures and I have truly enjoyed using them.  Her name I Kim Churbuck and her books are available on good ol Amazon.  Here is a slideshow with one of her books(she has many), along with several labels I have prepared.  They are lacking the text but it can easily be filled in when I am ready to put them on a quilt.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I said you can still find her books, but with the onslaught of coloring books this is also a great, fun way to make your labels.  I iron the fabric to a piece of freezer paper to stabilize the fabric while I color it.  Lots of fun.  You can find lots of fonts to trace your words, simply put a piece of lined paper under your picture on the lightboard.  Her books do include fonts though.

So, have fun and get labeling!…..happy quilting, Karen


365 Challenge Starts Today


Oh my, it’s the first day of the 365 challenge that I am participating in.  Kinda nervous, I don’t like starting something I can’t, or don’t, finish.  (Please don’t look at my UFO list)  So many choices of things to make on a daily or monthly basis and most start in January.  If any of you are participating in any challenge please join and show us your project.  In this case we were given two blocks to choose from, one a really easy 3 piece rail fence and the other, well lets say its definitely more complicated!  Hopefully I’ll get mine done and post pictures tomorrow.

Trying to finish a wall hanging that I started at the Houston Quilt Festival this year.  It was a thread painting class with Pam Holland.  This was simply a cat’s head that was based on a photograph but is super fun and pretty easy to do.  Not quite finished yet but here is a pic:DSC_0415I love the background fabric and will do some quilting on it when I finish the cat.  He is almost finished.  It is all thread except some of the inside of the ears.  Loved doing it!

So, I belong to two guilds and both are doing a UFO challenge this year.  Five items over a 12 month period.  So…submit same 5 for both guilds (no, that isn’t right), pick 10 pretty easy finishes? – maybe, or just find the 10 UFO’s that I really want to finish – probably.  I have to make up my mind shortly so will let you know.  Way to many UFO’s to pick from!

Off to work.  Happy Quilting.  Karen


Wow, I’m Back!! Quilt blogging again!


Well, it’s only been 1 1/2 years but blogging has peaked my interest again since I am trying to cut back on the number of customer quilts I am doing each week to have more time to play and talk with you.  I am actually taking a couple of weeks off and “playing with quilting and my Intelliquilter again.  Working on fun new backgrounds for applique and/or show quilts.  I love technology and really like the challenge of making the computer “sew”.  This is one background fill I’ve played with.  the echo pearl design would look great around your fantastic applique!

Great around applique

Great around applique

My new favorite blog:  I am Pam by Pam Holland      Check it out!

My new challenge:   Check it out and join me.  one block a day for 356 days!  Starts Jan. 1   Great scrap project!!

See you soon!  Happy Quilting


Shed responsibility – quilt more!


Wow, I am back after spending time shedding responsibilities that have consumed my life for the past six or so years. It’s amazing how free I feel and how excited I am to venture into other areas. My latest adventure has been working on a quilt I am donating to the Houston Boxer Rescue group for their annual silent auction. I am a boxer nut and have three rescued boxers! Would have more but I suspect the neighbors would object! Here is a pic

20130905-064426.jpg. I have been busy quilting for customers. Some of the latest…



20130905-064707.jpg. These are wonderful baby quilts. The first two were hand appliqués by Judy and the last was put together by Carol for someone at her church. They are all adorable.

Watch for my next adventure. I have a small quilt in mind for a quild challenge..due in two weeks but time pressure works for me.

Meanwhile…bee happy!


Show entry quilts, appliqué, quilt hints


Gosh, been so busy, nose down, working on a couple of show quilts, that I haven’t posted for a while.

First, here’s a beautiful quilt appliquéd by Joyce. Some great appliqué and fun to quilt-even if it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do. These quilts with very little quiltable room are tough but I like the result.




This is another show quilt you will probably recognize as Judy Niemeyer’s Glacier Star. It is truly a challenge to quilt these paper pieced marvels since they are so popular. Charmaine’s version is delightful. I love the colors!



And, last but not least, a beautiful happy birthday quilt for my friend and “quilt-bee participant , Beck. Our Sugar Land, Texas bee makes a quilt for each member celebrating their 80th. The other members do the terrific appliqué blocks.



Now hint for today…if you mark with pencil and it won’t come off, mix 1/4 cup water with 3/4 cup alcohol and 7or 8 drops of Palmolive green liquid dish detergent and apply gently with toothbrush.

Bee Happy…Karen