Quilts headed home


Trying to straighten out my picture files on this iPad, I found several quilts that I hadn’t posted. I think my favorite part of quilting a quilt is deciding on the designs. Sometimes the quilt needs super simple, often I quilt by the theme of the quilt, and sometimes I just “feel” what I want to do. Anyway, here ya go…



20130616-045059.jpg. These belong to Julie. The black and white quilt was based on a quild workshop, the batik one, still on the machine when I took these pictures, is destined to be a wedding present. The batik colors are wonderful. This quilt was a joint venture of Julie and her mom. How neat is that!




20130616-045348.jpg. This quilt is a fantastic version of Easy Street, Bonnie Hunter’s last mystery. Elaine did an incredible job and it will be terrific on her bed! Go Elaine!

These last pictures are of a really cute K. Fassett quilt made by Roberta. Had a bad thread issue on this quilt and ended up frogging the ENTIRE quilt. Wow, first and I hope last time to do that! It did turn out nicely in the end. I do love Kaffes colors!




Enough for today….bee happy!



About texasboxerlover

A guilt maker, longarm quilter and quilt designer. Mother of four children, Al, Mark, Stacey and Christopher, grandmother to Meagan and Madison, a set of twins RJ and Maria, and three step grandchildren, Allie, Jayne and Kevin. Proud mom to four beautiful boxers, Precious, Champ and Caitlin , Sasha, and non-boxer dog Charlie.

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  1. OH OH OH – can’t wait to see it! It looks so pretty stretched out on the frame. Are you by chance going on the bus trip tomorrow? If so, I could get both of them from you then. If not, we’ll have to figure something else out. You are probably tired of hanging on to them for me.

    • Frogging = rip it. Rip it, rip it (the sound a frog makes). I had heavily quilted this quilt, detailing the roofs, adding windows, trees, sky and grass. I never noticed that the darkest color in the variegated thread was looping inconsistently on the back. UCK! Rest of the tension was ok. What a mess and hours of careful ripping. Karen

      Sent from my iPad

      • Thank you! So, it “happens” to the pro’s. Seems like you need a mirror on a long handle to check periodically underneath, and then it would drive you to distraction. I want to learn to “long-arm”..I am coming to Houston the end of October to the big quilt show and hoping to take a class. I “played” with a long arm during a quilt show, but think a class for beginners would help me decide “buy or quilt by check”.

      • Absolutely! Generally it is easy to feel bad tension but this scattered stuff just didn’t “feel”! You will really like the show, I assume you have been before. When it gets closer be sure to let me know your schedule. If we have time you are welcome to come over and play. Karen

        Sent from my iPad

      • I’ve never been before.I am a quilting “newbie”; really learned a lot in the last 5 years, so this is going to be a grand adventure. Only other big show I have been to was in Lancaster PA in March, and then for the day. For this show, we are coming for the week tho, meeting my sister in law from California. Her idea! Good idea! Waiting on the class schedule to come out. Pre-ordered so we don’t “miss” anything. Thank you for the invitation. That could be a lot of fun!

      • Wow, are you in for fun! Don’t take too many classes, they will overwhelm you. Sign up for them the very first day you can because they fill very quickly. We usually keep the Tuesday before the show opens for playing here at home. Hop to see you in Oxtober. Karen

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