Color and quilting


Yes, I know what colors I like, I know how they make me feel, but…I don’t know the WHY behind color usage. I have to admit that I have read many articles about color and its use but, alas, none have ever stuck. So, I have drawn a big red line in my studio, am in the process of eliminating areas that have become disappointments and time wasters in my life, and am heading down a new road of discovery. My first plan is to really learn the basics of color. I hope you will join me on my journey. Packing my bags now and the trip will start soon!

Meanwhile a quilt I just finished is one of the things that made me think about color. I wish the colors in this pic were more accurate. This is a bright, happy quilt with shades of yellow, purple, fushia and even some green. I rarely use variegated thread but this quilt really called for it. Keeley did a marvelous job of piecing this quilt! Here is a close up, hope you like it as much as I do.



Bee happy, Karen


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