Quilt those Custom Quilts and…


Well, quilting a custom quilt is so labor intensive that I HAVE TO break up the quilting with something more free. So, opened up my Electric Quilt 8. I updated it long ago but this is the first time I’ve actually looked at it since then. WOW has the face of this program changed. Love it! Since I don’t use it much I am finding lots of new options. So much I can do more easily. I do believe I’ll use it more now. What a great job they did with this update!

Also, watching some videos on Alcohol Ink. They are so fun to work with and the colors are so intense. I am thinking about taking an online course that starts August 15th. I think I’ll love it….right, I know, another thing to do.

Meanwhile, here’s some recently completed quilts. Love them all. What a talented group of ladies I quilt for. I’m so lucky. Happy quilting and crafting. Karen


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