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There are days that you just wish were over


Well. It’s Sunday and it’s almost over. I’ll be glad to see Monday. Some days they say you should stay in bed. This was one of those for me. Monday the sun will shine, the sky will be blue, and a whole new day will face us. Can’t wait! Meanwhile here is the latest customer quilt to be quilter. Tarnished Windmill designed by Judy Niemeyer. Enjoy.


What’s On The Design Wall

What’s On The Design Wall

Although I have three different design walls there’s never enough space for my on-going projects. Squished on this wall is my appliqué project designed by Esther Alieu. Loving just being able to use up my scraps for this one. Slow going for me especially because I really want to explore embroidery and embellishment. Lots more to go!

Next to appliqué is my Pam Holland UFO collection. Between Geraldine the giraffe, the wonderful thread painted cat and the cheesecloth portrait, I have truly enjoyed her classes. My dream would be to join Pam on one of her tours!

Next, I played with my Silhouette today and made a fun shirt. Can’t wait to wear it

And last but not least for the past couple of days, two beautiful quilts ready to go to their makers.

Have a great evening. Quilt and craft away. Karen

Color and Pattern Dance on These Quilts


A bargello quilt sways with incredible color movement. Quilted with soft swirls to mimic the pleasant breeze. Color and shape are just amazing. Great job Mable.

This quilt moves in a more controlled way. Designed by Judy Niemeyer, color choice plays a big part in the overall feel. It’s wonderfully balanced and was so much fun to quilt. All of Judy’s quilt designs are fantastic and challenging. This was a first quilt made by an experienced seamstress and a college math professor. Figures.

Love them both.

Back At It…Quilting, Paper Crafts and Tumblers


What a beautiful quilt made by members of the Plantation Quilt Guild and quilted by me.  It’s a raffle quilt to be given away at their quilt show in February of 2019.  The pattern was a freebie from Sharon Schamber many years ago.  I believe it was the quilt that Sharon made and designed for her daughter’s wedding quilt.  The original was constructed with 30’s fabric I believe.  Totally different look here but I love it!

Raffle Quilt Plantation Quilt Guild

Raffle February 2019

Wow, I really love Pam Holland and her fantastic creations and photography.  Got a chance to take a class from  her just a few weeks ago.  Geraldine is definitely my favorite giraffe!  Mine is in the middle of this group.  Everyone’s really turned out great.  I have the quilting to do on mine.  About half of that quilting is done on a domestic machine…boy am I in trouble.  I will finish with quilting the background on my longarm!  I believe Pam in my favorite teacher!!!


Geraldine in the Making

Last off the longarm.  What a cute panel and a gift in the making for a grandchild.  I haven’t seen this panel before but I really love it.  The panel was bordered in stars so a blended star pattern was what I chose to do the quilting with.  It will certainly be a favorite of a special little girl!


Super Cute Customer Panel

So much catching up to do, can’t believe that I was so busy these past two years that I’ve let my blog go.  Promise, more to come.  I’ve been playing with paper crafting – what a fun thing, love my Silhouette Cameo, and really play with Alcohol Ink art media and glitter and more glitter to embellish the double walled stainless steel tumblers.  I’ll try to add more tomorrow.  Missed ya all!!!

Love those Quilts of Valor Quilts

Love those Quilts of Valor Quilts

A couple of beautiful Quilts of Valor made by Joyce.  The first is one for her hubby.  She has embroidered all of the locations her husband served while in the military.  What a keepsake!


Joyce’s hubby’s QOV

This second Quilt of Valor is another for one of Joyce’s family members.  What a fabulous quilt, to be given with love and thankfulness!


Another QOV for Joyce’s family member. So beautiful.

Happy Quilting….Karen