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What a wonderful quilt using K. Fassett fabrics.  Even the back has some great color use.  Used a very geometry quilting pattern on this quilt with thread color that accentuated the texture of the quilt rather than the pattern.  I really love working on these hot colored prints!  Congrats to Roberta on another fantastic creation!

Happy Quilting…stay tuned for more.  Karen


Quilt Challenge on Facebook

Quilt Challenge on Facebook

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Missed  a few blogs these past couple of weeks.  I was challenged on Facebook to post seven quilt pictures in seven days.  Didn’t quite make it in seven days but thought I’d add them in slide show forms to catch you up if you aren’t on Facebook.  Here ya go…

While I’m thinking about Facebook, does anyone else have the issue with U-Tube videos not “shutting up” if you close out of them without hitting the stop/pause on the video.  Drives me nuts as it keeps yapping until I reopen and stop the video or it just runs out itself.  Hate it.  That just started an update or two ago.  Yuck!!!!

Oh well, lots of bigger problems going on, but, just saying…

Happy Quilting, Karen


Easy Binding Winder – I’m in love!


I am in love with the new Easy Binding Winder.  I do so many quilts for myself, customers, and particularly for charity and I HATE THE BINDING PART!!!  Yes, I know most quilters love to bind but definitely not me.  Just making and ironing the binding is more than enough – boring! – but sewing it on is, for me, a nightmare.  When I came across this new tool it made my world soooooooooo  much better!  My binding goes from a heap on the floor to a well organized roll easily freed as I sew in on my quilt.  Most often, due to my binding obsession, I sew both sides of the binding by machine.  This is so great.  Check out the pics of my last binding project.  There is actually enough binding on the EASY Binding Winder to bind to charity quilts, one king size and one thrown.  I clamp it to my ironing board when I’m making the binding the move it to my sewing table when I’m ready to apply.  Check out Easy Binding Winder for more information and a video.

DSC_0007 (4)

Works like a charm!

DSC_0005 (4)

Soooooo neat!

DSC_0004 (5)

Rolling to Organize

EASY BINDING WINDER  for a very large king charity quilt as well as a smaller throw.

Happy Quilting….Karen

Label Your Quilts

Label Your Quilts

“I know that putting a label on my quilts is super important but I am so bad about doing that.  Really your quilt isn’t complete without a label. Name of quilt, date and made by are the most important thing for a label. However, adding more information like pattern name, technique used, even information about fabric and embellishments.  I have so many quilts without labels that I am adding that to my UFO list for 2016.  Join me!

There are so many ways to make labels.  I often embroider mine, most simple is to write with a permanent marker, but my favorite way is to use my light box and trace using permanent gel pens.  Of course, all of you artists can simply draw your own label.  Several years ago I found a dealer at the Houston Festival that was selling books of great traceable pictures and I have truly enjoyed using them.  Her name I Kim Churbuck and her books are available on good ol Amazon.  Here is a slideshow with one of her books(she has many), along with several labels I have prepared.  They are lacking the text but it can easily be filled in when I am ready to put them on a quilt.


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As I said you can still find her books, but with the onslaught of coloring books this is also a great, fun way to make your labels.  I iron the fabric to a piece of freezer paper to stabilize the fabric while I color it.  Lots of fun.  You can find lots of fonts to trace your words, simply put a piece of lined paper under your picture on the lightboard.  Her books do include fonts though.

So, have fun and get labeling!…..happy quilting, Karen


Fun With The Silhouette Cameo


I have had the Silhouette Cameo for several years and, I’m afraid, I have to confess I have not used it for anything up until now.  In November 2015 I took the opportunity of attending the Silhouette conference near Atlanta.  Other than freezing all weekend I really enjoyed the class and finally have gotten the time to play.

This was a cup from the Dollar Star, the name and slogan were cut out of adhesive vinyl and attached to the cup.  Still lots of room to learn and improve but it was really fun.  Of course I had to make a mug rug to go along with the coffee!  Mug rug was made in the hoop on the embroidery machine.  Fun project and simple.  I have dishwasher tested the process and find that it holds up to the dishwasher process superbly!

Next I intend to concentrate on some t-shirts with Heat Transfer Vinyl.  I even got a heat press for Christmas so that I could play some more. Running out space on my cutting table though!

DSC_0010 (1)

Looking forward to trying to make and adhere rhinestone designs.  I have played with cutting fabric for applique on quilts as well.  I know these machines can accomplish this…just need more user knowledge.

Happy Quilting…Karen




These were the last quilts to come off the quilting table.  Mema does beautiful work and her fabric choices are wonderful.  I really love the blue and white quilt.  Its a blend of lots of blue fabrics and I quilted it with swirls to make the orange peels spin.  Looks great!  The second is another of Mema’s quilts, this one done with 30’s fabrics using the Dresdan shape to create the flowers.  Great idea!

Enjoy your day….Happy quilting!  Karen

Latest Quilts Going Home


Last finished and delivered:

This beautiful table runner made by Paula.  Love the batiks she used for the leaves!  She will certainly be ready for Fall!  Another great quilt by Paula really jumps with color and fantastic fruit/veggies.  Love it.  Wanted to simply quilt it so it is quilted with chevrons and variegated red/yellow thread.  Great fun Quilt!

Happy Quilting!…..Karen