Love those Quilts of Valor Quilts

Love those Quilts of Valor Quilts

A couple of beautiful Quilts of Valor made by Joyce.  The first is one for her hubby.  She has embroidered all of the locations her husband served while in the military.  What a keepsake!


Joyce’s hubby’s QOV

This second Quilt of Valor is another for one of Joyce’s family members.  What a fabulous quilt, to be given with love and thankfulness!


Another QOV for Joyce’s family member. So beautiful.

Happy Quilting….Karen


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A guilt maker, longarm quilter and quilt designer. Mother of four children, Al, Mark, Stacey and Christopher, grandmother to Meagan and Madison, a set of twins RJ and Maria, and three step grandchildren, Allie, Jayne and Kevin. Proud mom to four beautiful boxers, Precious, Champ and Caitlin , Sasha, and non-boxer dog Charlie.

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  1. Hi Karen, 5/13/18

    I was trying to buy the domain name Karen the Quilter & discovered you already have it. Just popped by to say hi & introduce myself as I have a Quilt Blog entitled

    You do some SPLENDID work, nice to ‘meet’ you.

    Karen R. Sternberg, fellow quilter

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