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Well, this seems a very appropriate day to check on the “State of The Studio”.  I make a really big mess when I am working on a project (kind of like not doing dishes as you are cooking).  That being said, I can’t stand to start a new project, no matter how large or small, when my studio is a mess.  The studio is almost the entire upstairs of my home, and yes, it does overflow downstairs.  The main “game room” holds my longarm, my design walls, my book shelves and longarm thread cabinets along with many other things as well.  Walls are covered with patterns I have printed out, ribbons, notes to myself etc.  Here are some pics of the “main” room.  We will check out the “cutting” room with the another post and then the embroidery/serger/stash room later.  Yes, there are two more bedrooms upstairs and there is barely room for the beds!  Closets are “quilt” full!

Happy Quilting…Karen




Thursday Tool Time


Well, its Thursday and my favorite ripper shows up this week.  The Havel ripper is the best ever!  I found this out the very hard way, ripping the quilting from an entire quilt, worse yet, made from Kaffe Fassett fabric.  If any of you have tried ripping this fabric you know how hard it is to rip without damaging the fabric.  I have tried this type of ripper before but never really gave it a chance.  There is a bit of a learning curve, try it and stick with it.  You will not regret your efforts.  I bought at least 10 different rippers ranging from the normal ripper we use up to these “instruments of destruction!  Even that tiny tiny point is so sharp that it will cut a thread with just the bare bit of pressure – BUT NOT THE FABRIC!  The Havel Ripper won hands down (and it even comes with extra blades!)

Havel Ripper

Now, here are a few pictures of my completed Celtic Mystery quilt.  Still have binding to go though.  I spread it on the bed, not the greatest lighting but will show you the pattern a little better I think.  Again, kudos to Bonnie Hunter!

The rest of todays efforts went to embroidering a bunch of fleece throws for my daughter’s dance team – GO GOLDDUSTERS!

Goldduster's Fleece Throws

Goldduster’s Fleece Throws

Quilt happy