Well, this seems a very appropriate day to check on the “State of The Studio”.  I make a really big mess when I am working on a project (kind of like not doing dishes as you are cooking).  That being said, I can’t stand to start a new project, no matter how large or small, when my studio is a mess.  The studio is almost the entire upstairs of my home, and yes, it does overflow downstairs.  The main “game room” holds my longarm, my design walls, my book shelves and longarm thread cabinets along with many other things as well.  Walls are covered with patterns I have printed out, ribbons, notes to myself etc.  Here are some pics of the “main” room.  We will check out the “cutting” room with the another post and then the embroidery/serger/stash room later.  Yes, there are two more bedrooms upstairs and there is barely room for the beds!  Closets are “quilt” full!

Happy Quilting…Karen




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  1. I feel the “need” to straighten and organize between projects. As a “scrap collector” those bins and baskets and bags often take me away from straightening as I take time for “scrap management”. It is always more fun if I am pulling scraps for a particular project. I felt like I made progress when I sorted them into “color” groups! Your long arm room/book case looks orderly! 🙂

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