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Adventures in trying new techniques

Using colored pencils with embroidered redwork


Well, here is a project that I decided would be a fun way to experiment with these pencils. I have sewn out a series of redwork designs on my embroidery machine.  I backed the fabric with a thin layer of cotton batting, hooped both pieces and sewed out the design.  RJ is my up and coming cowboy so this will eventually to him.  My plans are to color each design with my Derwent pencils, then work on an unusual setting for the blocks.  I have cut the fabric large enough to give me some leeway on block size for the final arrangement.  When I quilt the finished top I will quilt it using another full layer of 80/20 Hobbs batting and will do some fairly tight background fill around the designs.  With the two layers of batting and the tight background fill, the designs will look like they are trapunto.  Neat huh?  Here are some pics of a few finished and a few left to color.  Learning more with each block.

Until next time…BE HAPPY  …Karen


Technique for this week – coloring your quilts with pencil!



72 Colors to a box

72 Colors to a box

Borders Colored with pencil

Borders Colored with pencil

This was an auction quilt I made for our guild auction.  I wanted something different so I found a wonderful pattern for quilting the border and then used my Derwent Inktense pencils to color the border to enhance the quilt design.  Using the Derwent pencils, which resemble water color dependent upon how much water is applied is so simple.  Color the areas you want, you can shade to your hearts content, then brush with a small brush dipped in water until you get the effect you want.  Just be careful (ask me how I know), too much water will run the color thru to the back of the quilt.  So Easy! AND IT’S PERMANENT!!!  This is the container that the pencils come in if you buy the 72 color box.  I highly recommend them.  Other pencils, like Prisma or even the cheapest from the grocery store will work with this technique but will not give you the intensity of color that you get from the Derwent pencils.  Most other pencils must be sealed with a textile medium of some sort.  Tomorrow I will show you how you can use these pencils to make a quilt, combining them with embroidery from your embroidery machine.

QUILT FOR THE DAY   This is the quilt for today that I am quilting.  It is much like a t-shirt quilt and as little quilting as possible was my objective.  There were a lot of memories built into this quilt that I felt needed to be the highlight.

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Nancy's memory quilt



Well, I finally managed to get the five pieces of fabric out, rinsed, washed and ironed.  They are really very cool – I wish the colors showed as well in the picture as they do in person.  Take a look….    It is definitely a do-again, although not as much control for color the results are fantastic!  Here are the pictures, straight out of the dryer.  I am anxious to use them in a design class with David Taylor next month…of course, though, I’ll have to try some more before that!

Easy Street Top is finished, borders and all.  I’ll post a picture of that tomorrow.  Until then…BE HAPPY!