What’s On The Design Wall

What’s On The Design Wall

Although I have three different design walls there’s never enough space for my on-going projects. Squished on this wall is my appliqué project designed by Esther Alieu. Loving just being able to use up my scraps for this one. Slow going for me especially because I really want to explore embroidery and embellishment. Lots more to go!

Next to appliqué is my Pam Holland UFO collection. Between Geraldine the giraffe, the wonderful thread painted cat and the cheesecloth portrait, I have truly enjoyed her classes. My dream would be to join Pam on one of her tours!

Next, I played with my Silhouette today and made a fun shirt. Can’t wait to wear it

And last but not least for the past couple of days, two beautiful quilts ready to go to their makers.

Have a great evening. Quilt and craft away. Karen


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  1. Beautiful projects on your design walls. I explained to my husband recently that I needed to set up a 2nd design wall! We are trying to figure out the challenge. I LOVE your cat! He is amazing!! What will you do with him??

    • Thanks. Design walls are like pool table tops…a great place to pile everything. I stick paperwork on them so I can easily spot them, slivers of fabric I might be looking for, mats etc. for my Silhouette machine etc. No room to take quilt pics hanging up. ☹ the cat was really fun. If you get a chance sometime be sure to take a class from Pam Holland at Quilt Festival. You won’t regret taking any of them. I know they are all already full this year. You have to sign up first thing. As far as the cat…I used to have both cats and dogs but only have four dogs now. I think I might make a nice large throw pillow for a bench in the entryway. Its colorful and makes me happy.

      • I will suggest her to our guild program VP . My design wall vets like that too. My desk is usually buried in strips or books or piles! I hang my scan n cut mats from giant paperclips on hangers on a hook.

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