One more row of quilting and my 116 x 116 inch Celtic Solstice will be quilted!  I am so totally in love with the  backing fabric as well as the border fabric!  What a quilt this was to tackle but I did enjoy the process!  Thanks ever so much to Bonnie Hunter for giving us this free mystery quilt.  It is the second mystery quilt that I have completed from Bonnie, both Easy Street (2012-13) and now Celtic Solstice (2013-14).  Check out her wonderful website   .  After completing my favorite thing…550 inches + of binding, this will find a home on my bed!

Bonnie Hunter 2013 Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter 2013 Mystery Quilt

Tomorrow the full reveal…have to go look for a way to take a picture of something this incredibly large!

Happy quilting



About texasboxerlover

A guilt maker, longarm quilter and quilt designer. Mother of four children, Al, Mark, Stacey and Christopher, grandmother to Meagan and Madison, a set of twins RJ and Maria, and three step grandchildren, Allie, Jayne and Kevin. Proud mom to four beautiful boxers, Precious, Champ and Caitlin , Sasha, and non-boxer dog Charlie.

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  1. I love the border and backing. WOW…. Congrats on getting the top done and starting the quilting process.

    I have downloaded all the pattern instructions, finally got my two rulers for the triangles, but got busy with other stuff, so put it “on hold” in my list of things to do.I do want to make this pattern.

    What made it so challenging? I have read lots of people saying they were busy with the seam ripper….and wonder why? Were there errors in the directions, or lack of clarity. I like Bonnie, but I found some of her pattern instructions when I did “JARED TAKES A WIFE” to be unclear. I had to “read and re-read and make notes in the margins..

    I have looked at all the posts of the finished quilts and I love the way the star in encircled. It is what ‘makes’ the quilt I think. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    • Some of the difficulty is just in the sheer number of pieces. Each small block is only 3 ½” and range from 3 pieces to six pieces. You just need to be sure you are very accurate with your measurements so that everything goes together as it should. Some of those pieces, the chevrons in particular and the blocks made with the tri-rec rulers are particularly difficult to get together accurately. Where ever possible be sure to make the blocks so you can trim down. I am not, by nature, a piecer that loves lots nd lots of pieces. I like paper piecing but that makes itself accurate. Worth the trouble but you do want to make sure all are measuring correctly and are square.

      Good luck. I’ll look forward to seeing it when you get it done.


      • I know when I did the “Jared takes a wife” there were LOTS of pieces the the blocks. I did an Aurifil block of the month (Mar 2013) that had 53 and I made 12 of them, so I do get it. I used small baskets to “contain” parts, the A piece in one basket; the B piece in another basket; and the C piece (the joined section) was in it’s own basket. That way, I was not confusing myself and could avoid loosing some of the bits and pieces. Squaring up; do I know how important that is!!!

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