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I have been wanting to test this machine applique technique for a long time. I also have wanted to work on this quilt “Red Delicious” by Esther Alieu. It is all done in multiple red prints and I just love the finished product. That being said, however, I just don’t have the time to needle turn applique and have watched Sharon Schamber use this technique of applique on most of her award winning quilts. The pieces are prepared with a specific foundation and edge turned with Elmer’s Glue. Here is the biggy…using monofilament you machine stitch a very small blanket stitch around all edges. As a prep Sharon instructs you to wash all of your applique fabric but NOT the background fabric. After completing the machine stitching you soak the block – this disintegrates the foundation into a soft fibre – and let the block dry. The background fabric, because it has not been prewashed, will shrink just a tad and thereby pull the stitching under so that it is completely invisible. Thats how it’s supposed to work anyway. I will soak my block tonight and let you know tomorrow how it does. I hope the picture of the bird is close enough for you to see the stitching before it is soaked. On this bird I was experimenting with the stitching. I started with a simple zig zag stitch but wasn’t happy with the way the thread pulled to the top no matter what tension adjustments I made. I then changed to a very small blanket (1.0/1.0) and it looks lots better. We will see tomorrow…..

Meanwhile, off to lunch with some good friends and then to the local quilt shop to deliver a couple of quilts.

Until later, BE HAPPY!



I love Purple!


Isabelle's 8yr. Grandson's quilt

Isabelle’s 8yr. Grandson’s quilt

P1030678 (2)Caitlin

Champ on his "throne"

Champ on his “throne”






Boy, I sure wish I could figure out how to place these pictures so they make more sense.  Today has been long, gray and dreary here in Houston.  I finally got myself motivated to get some work done and went upstairs to the studio to quilt a customer quilt.  This is a really Purple quilt, trimmed in lime green for Isabelle’s 8 year old grandson.  The next will be another for her 11 year old grandson.  That’s on the schedule for tomorrow.  Also costuming away today – more solo costumes.  I decided to quilt this one with bicycles figuring all eight year olds love their bikes.  Hope you can see the bike in the picture.

When I quilt, as usual, Champ and Caitlin are upstairs with me.  Champ has his own sofa and you best not sit on it or he will “box” you to death.  Caitlin has a huge pillow under one of my work tables.

Stayed home today from my usual Tuesday schedule because we were scheduled to get some really mean rain – barely a drop came of course.  We even had Flash Flood Warnings.  Sigh….

Tomorrows another day….meanwhile, BE HAPPY!