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bird pic soaked

design opportunity

roving boxer

Well, when you soak a block to remove the foundation and find little red dots floating on the top of the water – IT’S NOT THE MEASLES! My machine applique was so invisible that I simply missed the fact that I hadn’t actually sewn the tail of that bird! OK, design opportunity – 3D tail? Guess not, but it was worth a try. Anyway, the invisible sewing method works pretty well. It is very difficult to see the stitching where I did it correctly. It does take a little practice, and slow sewing. Also, it helps to use a fine Microtex sharp needle. For a while I sewed with a hunker that I had put in for costume sequin sewing…forgot to remove it and that area, needless to say, looks a bit rough! Heading out for retreat tomorrow so I plan on really trying it seriously.

Don’t you love the boxer. Valerie, one of my quilting buddies, is really into wool sculpting. She made this with roving as a birthday present to me! How happy I am!!!