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Steps to designing quilts



What great fun we had yesterday putting hair and make-up on our Santa heads. This is really fun and I think I will just have to do another. Can’t wait to build the body and start dressing him. Thanks so much to our teacher, Pat, for all of her patience and guidance.

It has been a great weekend here in the Southwest. Texas is a great state and when we have fantastic weather like we have had the last couple of days you just can’t beat it! I successfully completed my quilt project for the Sandy weather mess, finished my two mug rugs for another exchange, and am getting ready to work on some more MY projects. {Pictures to come).

I am attending two workshops this week. On Tuesday I am really looking forward to a Bonnie Hunter workshop (yes, another quilt of MANY pieces) Then on Thursday a session with Ebony Love working on the dye cutter and a Rob Peter To Pay Paul quilt. Lots of prep to do today. Guild Wednesday evening starring Ebony. Busy week but really looking forward to it. Hope everyone else is enjoying beautiful weather today! Perfect Quilting time!

Be Happy…Karen

Hints for a great binding and Sandy Quilt donation project


Great little quilts from this weeks quilting schedule. The fourth picture is not QUITE a quilt yet but is on my list for the upcoming weekend. These are blocks from all over the place. There are 42 total blocks donated by Mary Kay from Arizona, Evelyn from Canada, Jaynie from Texas, Mary Pat from Wisconsin, Rebecca from Utah, and Lisa from New Zealand. I will build these into a wonky quilt pattern and they will be sent to E-Quilter to be distributed to the people who went thru Sandy, the horrible storm on the East coast. So many are still without homes! It really feels good to give back to people in trouble. I hope to piece, quilt and bind this quilt and get it into the mail next week. Watch for a finished picture.

I had a wonderful time at my David Taylor class last weekend. One of the tips I learned, which I think is fantastic, is how David keeps his quilts perfectly square. Get twill tape (1/4″) from your local fabric store. Measure your quilt carefully and pin a piece of twill tape from exact corner to other corner. Do opposing sides as step 1 and 2. Be sure to pin the twill take carefully, ends, then middle, then split the difference as many times as you need to. Sew with a straight line stitch making sure the tape is right along the edge and does not extend into your quilt where the binding will not cover it. Then, measure the other two sides, excluding the first tape, pin as you did the others and stitch. THOSE EDGES AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE ANYMORE AND WILL ALWAYS BE EXACTLY THE SAME! No more uneven edges to bug you or quilt judges!

BE HAPPY…..Karen

Technique for this week – coloring your quilts with pencil!



72 Colors to a box

72 Colors to a box

Borders Colored with pencil

Borders Colored with pencil

This was an auction quilt I made for our guild auction.  I wanted something different so I found a wonderful pattern for quilting the border and then used my Derwent Inktense pencils to color the border to enhance the quilt design.  Using the Derwent pencils, which resemble water color dependent upon how much water is applied is so simple.  Color the areas you want, you can shade to your hearts content, then brush with a small brush dipped in water until you get the effect you want.  Just be careful (ask me how I know), too much water will run the color thru to the back of the quilt.  So Easy! AND IT’S PERMANENT!!!  This is the container that the pencils come in if you buy the 72 color box.  I highly recommend them.  Other pencils, like Prisma or even the cheapest from the grocery store will work with this technique but will not give you the intensity of color that you get from the Derwent pencils.  Most other pencils must be sealed with a textile medium of some sort.  Tomorrow I will show you how you can use these pencils to make a quilt, combining them with embroidery from your embroidery machine.

QUILT FOR THE DAY   This is the quilt for today that I am quilting.  It is much like a t-shirt quilt and as little quilting as possible was my objective.  There were a lot of memories built into this quilt that I felt needed to be the highlight.

Until tomorrow….BE HAPPY



Nancy's memory quilt