Modern Quilt by “old, gray haired quilter”


Well, I decided that this “old, grayed quilter” would see if it was possible to make a modern quilt. Guess what, I made my first modern quilt and liked it, even had fun doing it. All quilted now and ready for binding…ugh! This started with several groupings of pieces of fabric exemplifying a study of space. Then I decided that even though I had just used old stash without much consideration of color, I didn’t want to waste my efforts. it is. It does look better in person but hopefully it will pass the “modern” movements inspection. Either way, I called it ugly when I started and have grown kind of fond of it now.










Bee Happy…Karen


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  1. You made it beautiful, Karen, with your quilting. I have to say that the Plain Jane photo didn’t turn me on. 🙂 The finish is magnificent.

  2. your quilting is the real beauty here! Magnificent! All that white space gives you so much room to really showcase where your talents really are found. I am always tickled to see what part of the process people enjoy the most and the least! I think for you I would guess you love your chance to doodle with the long arm, and you lothe the binding! Me, I love the cutting and the piecing to make the blocks and build into a quilt top. Once that is done…I am “done” but “KNOW” I need to do the next steps to finish! You quilt is very graphic and “modern” I think you passed the challenge!

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