PSsssst! It disappears!


Well. Getting back into the groove here, finishing up a great scrap quilt that is on the table today. Thought I would share a fantastic tip I picked up from the great Sharon Schamber! If you use the blue disappearing pens to mark your sewing or quilting projects, I am sure you join me in having seen the blue run or reappear. Well, guess what, A SOLUTION! Apparently the chemicals used in the blue pen are the same used in swimming pools. If you spray the marks gently with spray starch like you buy in the grocery in a spray can, they disappear immediately. According to Sharon, the spray starch changes the Ph in the blue chemical and just makes it go away permanently with no running! How great is this?

Meanwhile, here are a couple more quilts from the MQS show.








Enjoy and Bee Happy!


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