Easter Blessings



I’m teaching a stencil class soon using Shiva paint sticks and making a freezer paper template. It was a fairly easy project and hopefully it will give my students some ideas of just what they can do. I stenciled the background and painted it, added the words with my embroidery machine, then quilted it. Took about a day and a half with lots of distractions.

This was an Easter gift from a talented designer, Esther Alieu  (www.estheraliu.blogspot.com/).  Check out her blog and website.  She does some fantastic work and is truly generous with her talent.  It was given to her readers as a 7 1/2″ applique block.  I blew it up to about 28″ x 28″ in order to produce this wallhanging.  I really like the way it came out.

Hope everyone enjoyed a great National Quilting Day yesterday and that you are having a great time wearing the green (or orange) and partying this St. Paddy’s day!



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  1. Beautiful, Karen. I’m thinking that you quilted and colored in the design. What did you use? Hope you’re having a great St. Patrick’s day!

    • Well, I sure am a dunce at getting this blog thing together. I was trying to post from my IPAD and only managed the picture. Now, four trys later, and at my desk top, I have managed to get the rest of the post up and it should answer your “how’ questions. Sorry about the confusion. Karen

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