Costume for Dance Duet

Costume for Dance Duet

Well, worked on dance costumes for my daughter, Stacey’s high school dance team today.  I have about a dozen solo and duet costumes to do and one team dance.  Things are good though.  This is a new school for her and she has a very small team, only about 27 members.  The last 18 years or so she has taught at a school with 60-240 students dancing.  Soooooooooooooooooo, 27 costumes in NOTHING!!!   Here is one of the costumes, part of a duet.  Looks pretty strange on the maroon body!

Finally got the Quiltville Easy Street on and off of the longarm.  It just needs the binding put on and then it’s finished.  A real quilt that I made for me…wow!  It should look great on the guest bed!  Well, I have a long quilt guild meeting tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get something exciting in during the evening.  In the meantime…BE HAPPY!

Easy Street in Progress

Easy Street in Progress


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    • 27 is daunting to me as we’ll but so much better than in years past when the average number was 40. It is so boring making so many of the same thing! Thanks for visiting!

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