My Favorite Quilty Blog This Week

I ran across a wonderful blog from a blogger called “Don’t Call Me Betsy”.    Her blog, dated February 10th, ” A glimpse into my Type A mind and sewing studio…” is a fantastic tale of her SPOTLESS and Oh, so organized sewing studio.  Yes, I admit to being a Type A personality too but my studio just doesn’t look like this…Wish it did.  Go to and have a look.  I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.  Some great organizational ideas!

Last year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt  (, “Easy Street” has been finished for a while.  This year’s quilt, Celtic Solstice, is on the longarm machine right now.  Finished at 116 x 116 it has over 5700 pieces in it!  I’ll post a picture tomorrow in my Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday.


Happy quilting…Karen

About texasboxerlover

A guilt maker, longarm quilter and quilt designer. Mother of four children, Al, Mark, Stacey and Christopher, grandmother to Meagan and Madison, a set of twins RJ and Maria, and three step grandchildren, Allie, Jayne and Kevin. Proud mom to three beautiful boxers, Rocky, Champ and Caitlin, and rescue dog Charlie.
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2 Responses to My Favorite Quilty Blog This Week

  1. Just finished quilting my Celtic Stolstice. Phew! That wad one huge quilt! Full pic coming tomorrow I hope. Enjoyed your stash blogs!

  2. Karen…As soon as I saw that quilt I knew it was a Bonnie Hunter pattern! (Boy do I feel like a groupie!!). I have only done one of her patterns (Jared takes a Wife). I want to do Celtic Solstice. I can’t wait to see yours.I have to put it “on my list”. I love the way her pattern made the stars look like they were encircled. Enjoy quilting it! Will love to see how you did it! Thanks for the link to Don’t call me Betsy. The clean-up sounds familiar. I couldn’t find a place to “follow” her; but found her facebook page down, so will try to follow from that direction. Happy quilting.

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