Finished making a couple more dog beds!  I have a king size Tempur-Pedic mattress that HAD a pillow top.  Lesson learned – pillow tops and tempur-pedic just don’t mix.  The top kept sliding off to one side of the bed and the pillow top made the mattress so thick that I couldn’t keep a sheet on it…sigh

Anyway, put to good use.  I now have two wonderful tempur-pedic dog beds!  They love them!  Took a day off quilting but all is well!


Caitlin Loves Her Bed!

Back to Quilting…

Happy Quilting to you…Karen

Easy Binding Winder – I’m in love!


I am in love with the new Easy Binding Winder.  I do so many quilts for myself, customers, and particularly for charity and I HATE THE BINDING PART!!!  Yes, I know most quilters love to bind but definitely not me.  Just making and ironing the binding is more than enough – boring! – but sewing it on is, for me, a nightmare.  When I came across this new tool it made my world soooooooooo  much better!  My binding goes from a heap on the floor to a well organized roll easily freed as I sew in on my quilt.  Most often, due to my binding obsession, I sew both sides of the binding by machine.  This is so great.  Check out the pics of my last binding project.  There is actually enough binding on the EASY Binding Winder to bind to charity quilts, one king size and one thrown.  I clamp it to my ironing board when I’m making the binding the move it to my sewing table when I’m ready to apply.  Check out Easy Binding Winder for more information and a video.

DSC_0007 (4)

Works like a charm!

DSC_0005 (4)

Soooooo neat!

DSC_0004 (5)

Rolling to Organize

EASY BINDING WINDER  for a very large king charity quilt as well as a smaller throw.

Happy Quilting….Karen

State of the Cutting Table!

State of the Cutting Table!

Isn’t it always fantastic to have a really large cutting table?  Mine nearly takes up a whole room in my house.  My great SIL and his dad built it for me a few years ago for a Christmas present.  When he asked if it could be 6″ bigger I didn’t realize he was talking about adding 6″ on all 4 sides.  Wow, it’s big!  When I often use rolled fabric and make costumes for my daughter’s dance team, it is really handy.  It, other times, becomes a great “holder” for my UFO’s and various equipment.  Luckily it slides on my floor very easily I can actually scoot it around on the floor to make more room.

DSC_0012 (2)

Yes, this is all in a 12′ x 12′ room.  Works for me though.  Look at the positive, everything is within reach.  The whole 8′ x 8′ table is covered by an interlocked cutting it!

Happy Quilting…Karen

Label Your Quilts

Label Your Quilts

“I know that putting a label on my quilts is super important but I am so bad about doing that.  Really your quilt isn’t complete without a label. Name of quilt, date and made by are the most important thing for a label. However, adding more information like pattern name, technique used, even information about fabric and embellishments.  I have so many quilts without labels that I am adding that to my UFO list for 2016.  Join me!

There are so many ways to make labels.  I often embroider mine, most simple is to write with a permanent marker, but my favorite way is to use my light box and trace using permanent gel pens.  Of course, all of you artists can simply draw your own label.  Several years ago I found a dealer at the Houston Festival that was selling books of great traceable pictures and I have truly enjoyed using them.  Her name I Kim Churbuck and her books are available on good ol Amazon.  Here is a slideshow with one of her books(she has many), along with several labels I have prepared.  They are lacking the text but it can easily be filled in when I am ready to put them on a quilt.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I said you can still find her books, but with the onslaught of coloring books this is also a great, fun way to make your labels.  I iron the fabric to a piece of freezer paper to stabilize the fabric while I color it.  Lots of fun.  You can find lots of fonts to trace your words, simply put a piece of lined paper under your picture on the lightboard.  Her books do include fonts though.

So, have fun and get labeling!…..happy quilting, Karen